Get Certified

Get Certified

Do you currently install, maintain or repair home heating systems? If you or your employees are interested in obtaining Journeyperson certification as oil-burner mechanics (or certification in other trades), contact the Department of Education’s Apprenticeship and Tradespersons Qualification office at 867-667-5298.

Special information on certification for the oil-burner mechanic trade

There are two ways to become an oil-burner mechanic Journeyperson in Yukon:


Yukon residents can enroll in a formal apprenticeship program that requires completion of two levels of in-school technical training and three levels of on-the-job experience totaling 5400 hours. Upon completion of the required components, apprentices write the interprovincial exam to become a certified oil-burner mechanic.


Are you already working as an oil burner mechanic with no Journeyperson certification? There may be supplementary training available that will shorten the duration of your apprenticeship.

a. Any individual who provides proof of being employed in the trade for a minimum of 8100 hours is eligible to challenge the interprovincial exam without any further requirements.

b. Individuals who hold a Journeyperson certificate as a plumber or gasfitter and can provide proof of being engaged in the oil-burner mechanic trade for a minimum of 3600 hours and successfully completed an approved upgrading course can also challenge the interprovincial exam to become an oil-burner mechanic Journeyperson.

Persons holding a Journeyperson certificate with a Red Seal endorsement from another Canadian jurisdiction in the oil-burner mechanic trade may use that existing certificate to work on oil-fired appliances in Yukon. Persons who hold an alternate type of certificate of qualification in the oil-burner mechanic trade from another Canadian jurisdiction can have their qualification assessed for equivalency to the Yukon Journeyperson certificate.

Have Questions? Call Yukon Housing Corporation for assistance: (867) 667-5759 or toll free 1-800-661-0408.